We want Bitvavo. And this is what we, The Gulden Community, have to offer

€ 50,000

852,856 Gulden donated by the community. Click here to donate.

A few other reasons to list Gulden

One of the longest continuously running blockchain projects with active development.

One of the few truly decentralised blockchains.

One of the few truly secure blockchains with a security model that is easy to understand and can be proven to be secure.

Green, in a time period where environmental impact of cryptocurrency projects is under scrutiny.

The hashrate distribution in the field of CPU mining is nowhere as good as Gulden.

The name. Homegrown. Dutch, just like you.

Gulden has a rock-solid community that has supported the project through bull and bear markets.

Gulden is one of the most accessible crypto for beginners. Many people are introduced to crypto through Gulden.

Every day people ask us, "I want Gulden, but can I buy it at Bitvavo?"

About volume

We are realistic and therefore understand how important volume is for an exchange. Therefore, we asked crypto-expert Aat de Kwaasteniet to investigate how the volume of the Gulden currently compares to the current coins on Bitvavo. We obviously expect that a listing on Bitvavo would mean an increase in volume.